Femke. Citizen of the internet. 28. Closet fangirl. Singer, violinist, dreamer, BSc. Lover of nature and kindness. Wishing I was a MAGICAL FOREST ELF.
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    name: Femke

    birthday: the 27th of June

    height: 176cm

    eye colour: grey

    favorite color: green and silver

    lucky number: 27

    [I would like to add that none of these are relevant to any passwords I may have! Plz take care of your online safety when filling these things in]


    hogwarts house:  SLYTHERIN

    favorite fictional character: Samwise Gamgee

    favorite television show: The Borgias

    favorite season:  summer

    describe yourself in a few words: shy, friendly, crazy

    future children’s names:  Sam

    meaning of your name: little woman

    ultimate otp: DELENA!!!

    what do you plan to/do for a living:  web editor/ singer/ teacher

    Starbucks order:  I don’t go to Starbucks


    introvert or extrovert: the most unfortunate form of extravert: I LOVE talking to ppl all the time but I NEVER engage in conversation myself or only with a lot of will power and strain on my energy. 

    dawn or dusk: Dawn because I almost never witness it x)

    righty or lefty:  righty

    coffee or tea:  tea

    rain or shine:  SUN

    reading or writing: both :)

    (Source: banditswan, via foreverian)

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